PMC3 - Creating Your Own Texture Sheets & Molds For Use In Your PMC Creations

Instructor: Katharine Prejean


Saturday March 3, 2012

10:00 am – 4:00 pm (ONE DAY WORKSHOP)

Description: You can give your PMC creations a more personal look by using non-commercially available textures. We will explore 3 different methods of creating your own texture sheets and stamps to use with PMC. In this class we will use found objects to make molds from two part silicone. We will make sheets to carve your own designs into from metallic polymer clay to create a texture sheet. Students are encouraged to bring their own found objects (antique buttons, leaves, dry flowers, etc.). Techniques covered: polymer clay, linoleum carving and use of mold making materials. *Note there will be no PMC used during the class – this is the opportunity to learn how to make the molds to use on your own.


Student must bring with them: 1 – any small object you’d like to make a small mold of (i.e., antique buttons, foliage, key, or a stamp to make a reverse of, etc); 2 – magnifier (optional) for close up work

Level: Any

Class Price: $70

Materials fee: $5

Class Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 8