Instructor: Charles Bush

Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

May 2, 2014 (ONE DAY WORKSHOP)


During the past several years several companies have created the ability to easily self-publish photo books. Several of these services provide easy to use drag and drop applications that can be easily mastered. These books offer the artist an excellent opportunity to promote and showcase their work. By photographing your work and providing the story behind the work, you can create a way to promote what you do beyond the normal marketing brochure. This course will cover:


1. How these books can be used to promote your work, including ideas on portfolios as well as a vehicle to profit from teaching your techniques to other artists.


2. Various options including both traditional books and e-books. The pros and cons of each will be discussed as well as where the situations where each applies. Several services will be discussed as well as how to decide which service to use.


3. The process of self-publishing a book including: the original conception, planning what to include, the process of laying out the book with several example services, proofreading and checking your work, publishing, and distribution.


4. Tips on photographing your art and preparing the images for use in the book.


Level: Any
Class price:
Register before April 17: $75, register April 18 - May 1: $105
Materials fee: $0
Class size: Minimum 2, Maximum 8