Instructor: Laurel True

Thursday - Saturday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

September 19 - 22, 2013 (FOUR DAY WORKSHOP)


Note: This professional development class that encompasses the Community Mosaic Mural Making: Hands-On Class. Students of any level may sign up for the Mural Making Class separately. Future facilitators will have the chance to experience hands-on training through participation in this class.  


This four-day workshop lead by community and public artist Laurel True will focus on methodology and techniques for approaching community-based mosaic projects with participants of all ages and skill levels.    


Students will come away from this information-packed workshop with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead and facilitate successful, permanent projects that engage and inspire community. Workshop will begin with a presentation of successful project models and lecture will include sample pedagogy for including and training community members in the creation of public art. Instructor will cover various approaches to community outreach, design development, sourcing locations and materials and recruiting project participants.   


In addition to receiving specific logistical and technical information focusing on leading/ facilitating projects, students will get a chance to experience group mosaic-making processes through the actual creation and installation of an exterior mosaic mural on days 3 and 4.  


Lecture will include step-by-step instructions with complementary images describing multiple approaches to project coordination, management and creation with a focus on creating permanent artworks specific to host communities; needs, desires and location.   

Class will include lecture, demonstration and instruction in group mosaic-making techniques that can be employed with groups with any level of training. Specific teacher/ facilitator training will focus on best practices for technical construction methods so that outdoor, public projects are durable, safe and long lasting. Technical resources will be included in extensive class binder.


Additional topics covered will include:   

· Defining project goals and objectives 

· Approaching stakeholders and creating project proposals 

· Project planning, funding and budget creation 

· Project and time management techniques 

· Working in and outside of a classroom setting 

· Professional development and entrepreneurial training for participants.  


This class will be of particular benefit to mosaic artists who would like to add a community component to their work, teachers, community organizers and anyone interested in community development and entrepreneurial training through the arts.  


This class is being held in conjunction with Community Mosaic Mural Making: Hands-On Class. 


Level: Intermediate

Class Price:

Register before September 5: $595,

register September 5 - 18: $625 (for the 4-day combo class)

Materials: $45

Working on Fisherman's Tale Mural, Nungua, Ghana, 2007


Sycamore Park Playground, Mill Valley, CA, 2007


ACFFC Youth, Jacmel, Haiti


Artist Prince Luc working on Sea Spirits Mural in Jacmel, Haiti, 2010


Home Mural at Belle Chase School, New Orleans, 2007


Kids grouting mosaic archway in Nungua, Ghana, 2002