Instructor: Becky Burt

Dates/Times: Dates and times of next class TBA - please call or send us an email if you're interested in taking this course.

This class builds on the foundation obtained during Basic Metalsmithing I and II. Students will have the opportunity to work toward a complex project of their choosing while having the instructor available for consultation and guidance.


The first week’s class will focus on design and an understanding of how to accomplish their project; subsequent weeks will be devoted to working at the student’s own pace to complete the project.


Students should have a good understanding of the basic principles of metalsmithing, and should be able to saw, file, pierce, and solder.


Students should have the tools included in the basic toolkit from Intro to Metals as well as the following: Dividers, Scribe, Metal ruler, Metal cutters


Students may work in any (or all) of the following metals: 22 or 20 ga sterling silver, 22 or 20 ga brass, 22 or 20 ga copper, Found objects

Level: Beginning Metal I or II
Class price $240.00
Materials fee $15.00
Class size: Minimum 1, Maximum 5*
*Note: Due this class being taught in conjunction with Metalsmithing I, enrollment is limited to 5 students to allow each student to get proper attention from the instructor.