Instructor: Becky Burt

Dates/Times: Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm -
March 9 - 10, 2013 (2-DAY WORKSHOP)  

Description: What do your dad’s class ring, your mom’s collection of buttons, and great aunt Ethel’s glasses have in common?  They can all be used to make fabulous jewelry or wall pieces by using cold connections.  This class covers how to construct and use multiple types of connections to join and encase disparate objects without solder – tube and wire rivets, pre-made screws and nuts, tab and overlay settings, twisted wire.  Discussion will focus on appropriate types of connections for different projects and students will create settings for both found objects and newly created pieces into their designs.  Students will also gain a familiarity with adding textures to metal via stamping, hammering, and roller printing. (Students who have taken the preceding Surface Design class will be familiar with these techniques and have items from that class to incorporate in finished designs.) Students should bring items to class to incorporate into pieces, such as washers, stones, shells, old buttons, photos, etc., and each student will leave with at least one piece by the end of class.

Supplied materials: one each 1/16” and 3/32” copper tubing, selection of small nuts, bolts, and pins.

Tools that students should bring: Jeweler’s Saw, Frame, Rule,r Saw, Blades, Dividers, Sharp nose tweezers, Bench Pin, Jewelry Pliers, Center Punch, Chasing or Small pein hammer, Fine Point Sharpie

Students should bring additional metals that they wish to work with, although some items can be purchased from the instructor: 22 ga sterling silver sheet, 22 ga copper sheet, 22 ga brass sheet, 18 ga copper or brass wire, 16 ga copper or brass wire, 14 ga copper or brass wire, 20 ga sterling silver wire , 16 ga sterling silver wire, 1/16” sterling tubing, 3/32” sterling tubing

Level: Any, but to get the most from this class, students should already have some experience with piercing and sawing metal.
Class Price:
Register before February 23: $225,
register February 23– March 9: $255
Materials: $20
Class size: Minimum 3, Maximum 10