Instructor: Katharine Prejean

Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
September 9, 2018 (ONE DAY WORKSHOP)
Also offered
December 2, 2018

This class covers how to enhance your silver metal clay pieces and add the allure of gold to your silver metal clay pieces, using 2 techniques. We will create 2 pieces from silver metal clay, finish & fire and then apply Gold to enhance your design. Gold Paste Technique – We will apply gold paste to a freshly fired piece and torch fire it, then burnish to bring out the shine. Keum-Boo Technique – we will apply thin gold sheet to a fired piece that’s been cleaned, then burnish to bring out the shine. Discussions will also include using patina to enhance the design of your piece.


Level: Any.
Class Price:
Register before August 26: $125, register August 26 – September 8: $155 Register before November 18: $125, register November 18 – December 1: $155
Materials fee: $50 (1 pkg PMC3; consumables used in class including gold paste & gold foil; access & usage of instructors tools, textures, templates during the course)

Toolkit: $35 (note must be a separate kit from silver class kit to avoid cross contamination)
Class Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 8