Instructor: Katharine Prejean

Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

July 29, 2018 (ONE DAY WORKSHOP)

This class covers how to enhance your silver metal clay pieces and add the allure of gold to your silver metal clay pieces, using 2 techniques. We will create 2 pieces from silver metal clay, finish & fire and then apply Gold to enhance your design. Gold Paste Technique – We will apply gold paste to a freshly fired piece and torch fire it, then burnish to bring out the shine. Keum-Boo Technique – we will apply thin gold sheet to a fired piece that’s been cleaned, then burnish to bring out the shine. Discussions will also include using patina to enhance the design of your piece.


Level: Any.
Class Price:
Register before July 15: $125, register July 15 – 28: $155
Materials fee: $50 (1 pkg PMC3; consumables used in class including gold paste & gold foil; access & usage of instructors tools, textures, templates during the course)

Toolkit: $35 (note must be a separate kit from silver class kit to avoid cross contamination)
Class Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 8