Instructor: Laurel True

Dates/Times:Dates and times of next class TBA - please call or send us an email if you're interested in taking this course.


Due to the teacher’s travel schedule, this class must meet the minimum of 8 students two weeks before the class in order to run (deadline to register is Wednesday January 26). There will also be a non-refundable cancellation policy in effect as well for this class, at that time as well.


Description: In this new, multi-level course, students will have the opportunity to work on a project of their choice, with the materials of their choice, over an extended period of time.


Many students take their first mosaic class with a future project in mind, or as they take a series of classes get an idea of a larger or more complicated project. This is a great opportunity to tackle that project within the supportive environment of a class setting and with instruction and guidance from an experienced instructor. Students will work on a project of their choice: A three-dimensional or sculptural form, tabletop, functional object such as a vase, bowl, chair, mirror; fine art piece, an architectural piece on mesh or another project they choose.


Class structure and pacing will allow for careful design consideration and materials selection that will best fit student’s desired outcome and vision. Instructor will work with each student to discuss their project and how to best approach it- what combination of materials may work best, what setting style or lay patterning will work best and how to execute this gracefully. Additional considerations that students and instructor may discuss about each project may include use of texture, andamanto, spacing of tesserae, combinations of materials, functionality and feasibility. Many design and inspiration resources will be available to students as they plan and execute their projects throughout the course. Instructor will present examples of similar work and suggest research for students to do outside of class as related to their particular interest/ project.


Session one and two - February 9 & 16th, will be set aside for project discussion and consultation. If students have their chosen substrate they should bring it to the first class but students will have until the second session to do this to allow for thorough consideration and sourcing of surfaces. Instructor will discuss substrates for different uses and the various adhesives and preparation that are needed for each student’s project. I will also be available for consultation on materials selection and design planning for projects. Students will work with instructor to consider materials choice and will bring/ purchase their own materials for their project by session two.


Sessions three through five – March 9th to March 23rd Students will work at their own pace throughout the five-week course to design and create a unique mosaic piece according to their vision. Students will have the choice to grout their project on session five, or continue setting mosaic. Students will be invited to participate in a mini-salon in which to present and talk about the creation of their piece which will take place after the course has ended.


Level: Any. Beginning mosaic class highly suggested before taking this course.

Class price $250.00

Materials: Materials and substrates will be provided by individual students with guidance from instructor. 

Class size: Minimum 8, Maximum 10