Instructor: Laurel True

Dates and times of next class TBA - please call or send us an email if you're interested in taking this course.


Glass fusing is an exciting technique to add to ones repertoire of mosaic and glass skills and, fused pieces look wonderful in a mosaic.


Description: Instructor will present the basics of fusing individual tesserae and tiles and art pieces up to 4". Fusing materials such as compatible sheet glass, frits and powders, glass rods, confetti and stringers and even millefiore will be presented and their effects in completed pieces shown.


Students will learn both basic and trickier glass cutting techniques to get started with or further expand their cutting skills with a myriad of glass tools, including scoring tools, breakers, strip cutters, grinders and lens (circle) cutters.


Instructor will present examples of many different effects students can achieve combining different types, colors and qualities of fusible glass, inclusions such as metal, mica and gold and silver leaf and other exciting techniques. Rigging and hanging mechanisms for decorations and small plaques will be demonstrated as well.


Lecture will include information on fusing history, chemistry and glass characteristics and limitations. Students will be amazed at what glass can do!


Lots of great materials will be available including clear and opaque glass in tons of colors, stringers, confetti, frit, rods, mille and dichroic glass.


Students take home what they learn and absorb on day one and get to experiment further on the second day, putting even more creative ideas in to action. Day two will include a digital presentation of contemporary fused glasswork and how it is used in public art, decorative settings and combined with mosaic media. Resources for "warm glass" and fusing will be offered for further study. Students will get ample time to make lots of work in this weekend extravaganza class!


*Several firings will be required to fire all students' work. Completed work can be picked up within about a week. Out of town students can arrange to have their completed pieces shipped. 


Level: Any

Class price: $150

Materials and firing fee: $50

Class size: Minimum 6, Maximum 10