MOSAIC BACKSPLASHES, FLOORS, WALLS AND MORE – Architectural Mosaics in the Home

Instructor: Laurel True


Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
October 27-28, 2012

Description: This course is perfect for students who wish to make a permanent mosaic for their home such as a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, mural, garden wall or any architectural application! This is an upbeat lecture and demonstration- format course packed with useful information. Demonstration will focus on wall and floor applications as well as other permanent installations. Using a mock up of a kitchen backsplash and an existing mosaic floor installation, students are taken through the steps required to complete a successful and durable mosaic application for a variety of locations. Students are encouraged to ask questions about potential projects. Class will include a digital presentation of architectural and permanent applications in many different settings. 

Class will cover: Choosing the proper substrate (surface) and correct preparation for mosaic, selecting the right materials, products and processes for a myriad of different applications for interior and or exterior projects.  

Instructor will also address designing for architectural projects, methods of creation architectural mosaics, including use of fiberglass mesh and tile tape, mixing and using cement based adhesives, grouting, caulking and finishing a permanent application.

Special focus will be given to dealing with architectural issues such as thresholds, trims, pipes, plumbing, fixtures and appliances, baseboards, expansion joints, sub flooring and more. Students will receive handouts with technical and resource information. This is an important and inspiring class for those who want to experiment with more permanent mosaic applications and do them right!

Students will see the process of creating a permanent mosaic installation with some hands-on opportunity.  

Some mosaic experience is highly suggested for this class as class does not cover introductory mosaic setting lessons such as those offered in beginning classes.

This class is an essential building block for those interested in creating large-scale projects, murals, community projects and more.

Level: Any
Class price: $205
Materials fee: Materials provided, however students may bring their own glass object to mosaic, with consent of instructor
Class size: Minimum 10, Maximum 20