Instructor: Dana Brown

Dates/Times: Dates and times of next class TBA - please call or send us an email if you're interested in taking this course.


Description: Artist Representative for Gamblin Artist’s Colors, will present a practical, hands-on educational presentation on Gamblin Oil Colors. This 90 minute presentation will cover all aspects of oil paints, mediums and varnishes, including:

- Color Theory 2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional color space
- Navigating Color Space Emphasis on Practical Color Mixing
- Mineral vs Modern Pigments How they affect painting techniques
- Professional Grade Oil Paint Binder and pigment composition
- A.S.O. Oil Colors Differences between grades of oil colors
- Galkyd Painting Mediums How Galkyds work
- Gamvar Picture Varnish Advantages of removable varnishes
- Indirect vs Direct Techniques Historical application of opaque and transparent colors
- Building Permanent Paintings  Understanding Fat Over Lean approaches
- Supports, Sizing and Grounds How they affect color and permanence
- Studio Safety How Permissible Exposure Level affects toxicity


The goal of the presentation is not only educate participants on oil paints but to provide information that will enable attendees to create their own personalized palette. All attendees will receive FREE Product & Literature Samples.

Level: Any
Class price FREE but advance registration is required due to limited seating!
Materials fee: None
Class size: Maximum 25