Instructor: Charles Bush

thursday 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
June 27, 2019 (ONE DAY WORKSHOP)


By using light at a frequency below the visible range, very interesting artistic looks may be achieved. Historically special film was made that was sensitive to infra frequencies and not visible light rays. This film, which created a black and white image, was used for scientific purposes, but enterprising photographers started using it to create artistic other worldly images. With digital cameras two techniques were developed to capture infrared images. The first method was to place a filter over the lens only passes infrared rays. While this often worked, if suffered from little light reaching the sensor making photography difficult. The second method was to have the camera modified to allow only infrared light to pass.

The class will focus on:

1. Using filters on normal digital cameras to create images, what filters to use and what to expect.
2. Having your camera modified tor infrared photography or purchasing one that has been modified.
3. Capturing the infrared image. Dealing with color and focusing issues
4. Post processing the image.
5. Achieving a false color look.

While there will be a working IR camera at the class for demonstration purposes, this will be primarily a lecture based class not a hands on one.


Level: Any and all levels
Class price:
Register before June 13: $90, register June 13 – 26: $120
Materials fee: $ 0
Class size: Minimum 2, Maximum 12