Instructor: Charles Bush

Friday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
March 27, 2015 (ONE DAY WORKSHOP)


With the recent iPhone the quality of pictures you can take revels that taken with traditional point and shoot cameras. The always with you nature of the iPhone lends itself to grabbing shots missed in the past because you don't have a camera. This course will examine the iPhones camera and will explore how you can make the most of it. The course will also explore various camera apps and their advantages. Special effects such as HDR photography and panoramic photography will be explored in the context of the iPhone. 


Then the course will cover using the iPad to do photo processing once the exclusive domain of desktop computers, serious photo process is now possible on the iPad. Various photo process apps will be explored and their advantages and disadvantages discussed. Methods to move images from your camera to the iPhone or iPad will be explored as well as how to move images to photo sharing services such as Facebook, Flikr or Instagram.


Finally, apps to help with photographing with traditional cameras will be explored and demonstrated.


Level: Any

Class price:
Register before March 13: $75, register March 13 – 26: $105

Materials fee: $0

Class size: Minimum 2, Maximum 12