POETIC BOX PROJECT – Joseph Cornell style boxes

Instructor: Jason DuMouchel

Dates/Times:Dates and times of next class TBA - please call or send us an email if you're interested in taking this course.

This course is based on the enigmatic, eccentric, and very personal box constructions of Joseph Cornell (1903-1973). Cornell's boxes were composed in a variety ways using objects and materials that were often found. While most of his boxes were very personal to Cornell himself they also, in many ways, invited the viewer into the mysterious worlds and stories that he created. While the viewer might not know exactly what Cornell meant, they are often able to create their own stories based on Cornell's enigmatic creations. Students will learn basic carpentry and sculpture techniques through the construction of the boxes and placement of various objects. Elements of 3D design will be discussed throughout the project. The primary goal will to create a box that is "beautiful", personal and mysterious without hitting the view over the head with the subject or concept. All students will take away from this class a beautiful and personal sculpture as well as the skills to produce more on their own if the choose to do so.

Level: Any

Class Price: $105.00

Materials: $ 33.00

Class Size: Minimum 5, Maximum 15