Instructor: Becky Burt

Dates and times:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

May 18, 19, & 20, 2012

Adding color to metal via enameling packs a lot of visual punch, and torch firing can be much quicker and less time-consuming than traditional kiln firing. In this class students will learn what shapes will enamel well and will experiment with the classic enameling techniques of sifting, stencils, layering, fusing glass beads, and sgraffito while using the torch to fire their work. Students will work with pre-cut forms as well as create forms of their own design and wil get instant gratification from the interaction of glass, metal, and fire! Please note that this is predominantly a process class, not a completion class. Students will spend a majority of the class trying the various techniques being demonstrated to make sample pieces that can be incorporated into jewelry in subsequent classes. There will, however, be a balance of doing combined with theory and design. Students should be able to leave class with at least one finished piece of jewelry.


Instructor will provide all enamel used during the class as well as a variety of copper shapes suitable for enameling. Students will receive as well as one 6" x 6" sheet of 24 ga copper. Additional metal will be available for purchase from the instructor.


Students should bring normal metalworking tools including a jewelers saw and blades, sharp nosed tweezers, a ruler, dividers, jewelry pliers, a chasing or small pein hammer, bench pin, center punch, and a fine point Sharpie. Students may also bring additional copper in 22 or 24 gauge as well as copper rivets and tubing, copper or brass wire, and an assortment of micro screws and bolts.


This class is designed for students with any level of metalworking skills. Please also be aware that the class involves the use of chemicals that may stain skin and clothing.

Level: Any

Class Price: $275.00

Materials fee: $25

Class Size: Minimum 3, Maximum 10