Instructor: Glenn Brill

Dates/Times: Saturday 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

October 5, 2013


Description: The 90 minute lecture/demo by Gamblin Artist’s Color’s Manager of Education includes:

· Artist’s Oil Colors – Gamblin’s approach to color making

· Color Theory – 2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional Color Space

· Color Mixing – Navigating Color Space: Gamblin’s practical approach to color mixing

· Mineral vs. Modern Pigments – How to create a personalized palette of colors

· Indirect vs. Direct Techniques – Historical application of opaque and transparent colors

· FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors – Benefits and uses of fast-drying, matte oil colors

· Galkyd Painting Mediums – Focus on working properties and choosing the right medium

· Building Permanent Paintings – Understanding Fat Over Lean approaches

· Supports, Sizing and Grounds – How they affect color and permanence

· Studio Safety - How to create a safe studio environment using Gamsol OMS

· Gamvar Picture Varnish – Understanding contemporary varnishes and controlling surface quality


This seminar is supported by demonstrations and visual examples of various products and techniques with emphasis on creating your own personalized palette.


All attendees and instructors will receive FREE Gamblin Product and Literature Samples.

Level: Any
Class price No charge, but advance registration is requested