Greg Creason

Greg Creason has spent years experimenting with applied materials and bleach on satin silk canvases to perfect what he calls modern art with a traditional flare. Though his work is orthodox based on his use of calligraphy inks, markers, dyes and colored pencils, his trademark is what makes his method very unconventional. Creason has developed a subtractive approach of applied materials with bleach and mixed mediums on satin silk to create works of realism with an abstract, expressive look.


Creason returned to school at age 24, attending Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids MI and earning his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Illustration in 1990. Following a brief stint working for an artist in Chicago, he married and moved to San Jose, Ca. It was here working in the display department at Macy’s when Creason discovered a new means for canvases that would soon become his trademark. The cosmetic department was throwing out satin silk tabletop covers and Creason, who did not have any canvases at the time, took the material home and began experimenting with them. He would stretch them, add bleach and apply materials such as colored pencils and ink to develop new tones and shadows.


In 1994 Creason moved to Monterey, CA and worked as the first apprentice for Thomas Kinkade until 2003. He then spent a year working as a production manager for sculptor Richard MacDonald. Since 1999, Creason has owned and operated his own studio out of Monterey, concentrating on perfecting his style and methods for creating new approaches to mediums. Upon his first visit to New Orleans in 2007, he fell in love with the city’s vibrant art scene and culture and decided to open a second studio in the French Quarter.


At age 45, Creason splits his time between Monterey and New Orleans, but his most recent works reflect the vivacious lifestyle and history of the Big Easy. His use of ink, dye and colored pencils on silk allow him to capture light through the back of the material and literally light up his vibrant subjects which often include masks, the cityscape and people. Each piece tells a story and represents what emotions Creason was experiencing at the point in his life when the piece was created.


Creason’s goal is to capture the essence of New Orleans by creating the image of motion through toning hues and shadows and experimenting with shapes. To do this on silk, he takes the material and stretches it over wooden frames to create his canvas. His subtractive approach of applying bleach to the material allows him to add and take away tones to develop a three-dimensional look on a two-dimensional surface.


But his method is very temperamental and he continues to perfect his craft. “You can have a lot of control but at the same time you don’t have a lot of control,” Creason says. “Bleach has got a mind of its own. You have to understand shadows, light and under-shadows to get it to pop off the canvas.”


Currently, Creason is working on his latest series of silk satin works entitled, “Mardi Gras Flare,” which includes pieces that exemplify the liveliness and spirit behind his work.



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